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Botox ® treatment for management of chronic migraine is backed by ample evidence to support its use in minimizing the severity and frequency of migraines. To learn more about Botox ® for migraine and its benefits, read the section Botox for Migraine- what you need to know

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Botox for Migraine-what you need to know

Botox ® for migraine is a prophylactic treatment for chronic migraines when all other therapies have failed.  Botox ® for migraine pre-empt protocol was developed in a rigorous scientific trial and results confirmed that Botox injected into specific muscles of the face, neck and upper back reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines through a reduction in muscular activity as well as decreased pain transmission at the nerve junctions.

THE IDEAL PATIENT for Chronic Migraine Treatment:

It is indicated specifically for patients who suffer with migraines/headaches on 15 days per month and have failed other treatment methods typically used for both acute treatment and prophylactic treatment. A referral from your family physician or general practitioner is required for consultation and treatment.


We follow the evidence-based PRE-EMPT protocol which involves a series of small injections to specific muscles of the forehead, temples base of the head and neck. This protocol is covered by most insurance plans. The protocol can however can be tailored to best manage your areas of concern to maximize results. Anesthetic is not typically used during the procedure though ice packs may be used to avoid discomfort.

Results typically take 2 weeks to be adequately reached as Botox ® works slowly to decrease muscle activity and show its effectiveness in managing your migraines. Patients typically receive 3-4 months of results before they begin to fade and require subsequent treatment.

The majority of our patients report improvement of greater than 75% following their second or third treatment.

Ask your health provider if Botox ® for migraine may be right for you.