Therapeutic Botox

Excessive sweating in the underarms can be a disabling social issue.  Learn more about how Botox can help you manage this condition.

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Botox ® treatment for management of hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is backed by ample evidence to support its use in decreasing axillary (arm pit), hands or feet wetness. To learn more about Botox ® for hyperhidrosis and its benefits, read the section Botox for Hyperhidrosis- what you need to know

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What you need to know

Botox ® for hyperhidrosis is backed by ample evidence to support its use in managing the quantity and frequency of sweating in areas of concern particularly the underarm region.

Botox ® works by suppressing your sweat glands’ production of sweat to reduce the overall level of perspiration.  Typically, Botox treatment is considered after failure of other more conventional methods of managing excessive sweating. A referral from your family physician or general practitioner is required for consultation and treatment.


Treatment is achieved first by assessing your specific sweat pattern to ensure treatment is guided directly to the area with the most dense sweat gland activity.  Once established, a series of multiple small injections are given to the treatment area. Anesthetic is not required for the procedure though we do minimize discomfort by first numbing the area with cold packs. Any discomfort felt is typically minimal and brief. Some bruising or redness may occur but is usually temporary.

Results are typically noticed within 10-14 days. Patients typically receive 6-9 months of results before the Botox ® effects begin to fade and subsequent treatment may be required. In some cases, patients have had an extended period of results up to 12 months.  Treatment is effective for both males and females although some titration in the dosing may be required.

Ask your health provider if Botox ® for excessive sweating may be right for you.