Healthy skin turns over to allow fresh new skin to replace it.  Unfortunately, as we age, this process slows down and skin often appears less hydrated and dull.  treatments that enhance skin turnover once again refresh the skin resulting in a more radiant complexion at any age.

Treatments such as retinol which promote skin turnover, microdermabrasions which physically lift this older heavy skin and hyalorinic acid which topically hydrate the skin allow aging skin to once again achieve the properties of a younger skin cycle.

Personalized clinical peel treatments by L’Oreal SkinCeuticals (AVAILABLE IN PHYSICIAN OFFICES ONLY) help to maintain the skin's radiance & day-to-day health.   These treatments are medical grade chemical peels which exfoliate and stimulate the skin to correct common conditions and enhance the health of your skin overall.

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Common conditions and concerns which peels can provide treatment benefits include:

  • Acne, blemishes, congested skin (i.e. “blackheads”)

  • Dull complexion

  • Pigmentation of the face, neck, chest and hands

  • Skin texture (i.e. dry/flaky or oily skin)

  • Helps to diminish the look of fine lines

  • Minimize pore size

These peels are performed by our skilled  and experienced medical esthetician. Our peels do not provide significant downtime (i.e. redness and flaking) which would typically make patients feel like they need to avoid activities in public.  

Thanks to AHA and BHA acids included in the products used for our SkinCeuticals, our clinical peels boost the efficacy of virtually every skincare product or treatment regimen we offer for maintenance of healthy skin -- professional skin care at its finest.


How they work?

Treatments are estimated to be 30-60 minutes in length. The skin is cleansed and prepped to receive an even application of peel solution. The peel solution is then applied to the skin and left to sit for 3-5 minutes to achieve optimal skin penetration. It is very normal to feel a slight temporary tingling sensation once the peel solution has been applied to the skin. Once the peel solution has been neutralized, the skin is cooled and protected with an SPF. Patients can return to daily activities immediately following the treatment.

For optimal results, it is recommended to do a series of 4-6 peels, spaced 2-4 weeks apart complemented with the appropriate SkinCeuticals homecare regimens for maintenance.