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COVID 19 Update- June 2021

We are back to work (kind of..)!

We are excited to announce that we are starting to open our clinic in a “phased in” recovery plan in line with Ontario's phased-in approach to reopening.

What is our Timeline for the next few months?

By mid-June, we will be starting to schedule COSMETIC BOTOX patients, although the schedule will reflect our need to maintain physical distancing and a rigorous cleaning protocol.

We will not be doing FILLERS at present, we anticipate starting to resume this as early as mid-July.

Why Virtual Visits will be critical in our recovery.

Virtual visits offer our team an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your goals of therapy and review and medical issues that may affect your treatment.  It also allows us a way to monitor your treatments on a HIPPA* compliant platform.

As one of the clinicians leading the integration of Telemedicine in Ontario, Dr. Dhatt has embedded Virtual Care as an essential part of her clinical practice. As a result, patients are more engaged and informed in their care which is unique to the process here at SKINLAB.

Virtual visits also decrease contact time when you come for your actual visit!  Less time is less risk particularly with a team that have created industry-leading protocols and standards.

What can you expect with your NEW SKINLAB VISIT?

  • Virtual Consultation by phone 

  • You will be requested to PRE-PAY for your visit 

    • E-transfer

    • Phone transaction for Credit Cards

  • Our Staff will be wearing full PPE, including masks and face shields.

  •  We would prefer if you could wear a face mask to the appointment (one will be provided in case you don’t have one)

  • Appointment times will be staggered to allow proper disinfection between patients. 

  • Your visit will be much shorter! 

    • You will be screened as you come onto the property

    • You will then wait in your car until you receive a text to come into the building

    • One of our staff will escort you directly into the treatment room

    • Your treatments will be ready on a tray for your treating clinician

    • As treatments will be pre-paid, you are free to go immediately after treatment!

    • Total time? Less than 15 minutes! 

Looking forward to keeping you safe and beautiful.